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Evidence Based Medicine and the Palaeo Diet

Whilst we are great believers in the Palaeo diet, we are well aware that in the current context of modern healthcare it is considered something of a departure from the ‘norm’. Resistance to anything other than the mainstream is to be expected and indeed, encouraged: too many quacks have cashed in on faddy diets that are at best ineffective and at worst dangerous.

We have no intention of deviating from the established doctrines of ‘evidence based medicine’ and, in fact, wish to do the polar opposite: we want to highlight the many areas in which a number of established sciences including social and biological anthropology; evolutionary and comparative biology; dietetics and clinical nutrition; basic biochemistry and human physiology logically support the concept of eating in accordance with the dietary patterns of our biological and social ancestry. We want to go even further by conducting research that supports the practical as well as theoretical implications for human health that the diet may elicit and to have this research reviewed by our scientific peers.

At this time we understand that the Palaeolithic diet is merely ‘a’ diet rather than ‘the’ diet but the science of nutrition is a relatively new domain and can only be expected to develop organically as more time and resources are put into furthering our understanding.We reserve the right to adapt our guidelines as more evidence becomes available and as a resource grounded in research we positively encourage constructive criticism of our methodology.

These pages are our contribution to elucidating the practices of the Palaeo nutritionist and the scientific underpinnings thereof. We hope to rationalise our methodology by direct reference to academic papers subjected to peer review. Therefore, all materials contained herein will either have citations and references (presented in the Harvard format) or these can be supplied upon request.

We will endeavour to demonstrate not only why Palaeo style nutrition is logically and practically beneficial to human health but also offset this against critical analyses of other dietary protocols. While we want the site to remain accessible and fun we will always have at our core a dedication to the advancement of nutritional science through evidence based medicine.

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